Through email, webinars and other social media formats, Army Community Service at Belvoir is still available to offer a number of programs for Soldiers and their Families during this time.

“The services offered by ACS touch multiple facets of military family life. Especially during times like this, families are oftentimes encountered with unforeseen challenges and hardships,” said Taneshia Gray, from ACS. “It is important that our military Families are made aware of our services, capabilities and enthusiasm to support them during these uncertain times.

We never want them to think they are alone.”

Here are the resources and programs that ACS is offering to meet the needs of military families:

The Soldier and Family Assistance Center has workshops available through a variety of virtual platforms. Social Security appointments and other client-related issues are handled through email and phone. SFAC services are only for those members and their families assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion.

The Employment Readiness Program offers, through email, support and tips about federal and work-from-home employment; and resume writing, critique and guidance. With in-person sessions unavailable, those seeking help can get copies of related presentations.

Family Advocacy Program provides information and resources on parenting and relationship enhancement through social media platforms. The program is also working to transition its current face to face training to approved virtual platforms. FAP personnel are still carrying the 24/7 hotline, responding to reports of child abuse and domestic violence. The Fort Belvoir FAP Hotline number: 703/229-2374.

The Exceptional Family Member Program provides monthly virtual webinars and tips and resources on social media sites. Program participants can also request virtual help with IEPs, ADA housing and enrollment.

Counselors from the Financial Readiness Program provide virtual classes and workshops weekly; and offer flexible, virtual and phone appointments for all facets of financial counseling.

Relocation Services provides information and resources on relocating for Soldiers and their Families. Clients are getting relocation counseling via email.

For more information about ACS programs e-mail:

Taneshia Gray