Army Emergency Relief needs your help. AER is a non-profit, financial assistance organization that provides emergency, interest-free loans and grants to Soldiers and families.

AER’s special campaign, through July, is seeking donations to help Soldiers, retirees and their families get through short-term financial emergencies, according to retired Lt. Gen. Raymond Mason, AER director.

“This month, the decision was made to allow for PCSs and other mission-essential travel and training. This will likely cause a return to the demand for AER financial assistance support in auto repair; spouse licensures; child care at a new installation; home-school assistance, and more,” Mason said.

Donating is easy

To donate, go to, and click on Donate at the top. People can donate via credit card, PayPal, or a monthly allotment. Soldiers can even note their unit for tracking purposes, though all donations go into the general fund.

Adrina Scott, Belvoir AER campaign manager, said the goal is for every Soldier to know they can donate to this vital fund, which offers only interest-free loans or grants.

“Our main goal is to reach every Soldier, and that every Soldier knows about the possibility of donating to AER. We want to remind them the guiding principle of AER is ‘Taking care of our own – Soldiers helping Soldiers,’” adding that 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to Soldiers and their Families.

Andrew Pike, AER campaign and development supervisor, pointed out that, since 1942, AER has provided $2 billion to nearly 4 million Soldiers, including $1 billion since 9/11. Through zero-interest loans, grants, and educational scholarships, AER ensures no Soldier faces financial hardship on their own.