The Villages at Belvoir is seeking resident feedback as the Department of the Army launched its annual CEL Tenant Satisfaction Survey Dec. 2. Findings from these survey responses inform a breadth of resident-focused housing and community improvements and initiatives for the upcoming year and beyond.

“The annual CEL survey is an important tool that the Army and our partners use to gauge our community, learn more about our Residents’ wants and needs, and ensure they are being satisfied,” said Brian Smith, Fort Belvoir’s Housing Division Chief. “Your voice matters, and we encourage you to fill out your survey.”

The Villages at Belvoir team will host a series of holiday-themed events and raffles throughout the survey’s duration. There will be three drawings over the course of the survey run where $50 gift cards will be awarded to a total of 12 residents who have completed the survey.

The Villages at Belvoir will also be hosting two virtual events in mid-December. First, residents of each Village who join and complete this year’s Holiday Scavenger Hunt will be entered for a chance to win one of six $25 gift cards. Second, a Holiday Home Decorating Contest invites residents to show off their trimmings, with first, second, and third prizes per Village of $75, $50, and $35, respectively.

“Though the holidays may look different this year, we want to bring cheer to our residents this season,” said Jennifer Watkins, Community Director for The Villages at Belvoir. “We’re excited to launch the CEL Survey in tandem with these events as a way to thank our residents.”

After the survey, the Villages at Belvoir will create new community initiatives based on response data. The Villages at Belvoir works with the Army to create a detailed Action Plan that addresses key themes derived from the results.

The CEL Tenant Satisfaction Survey is administered through a third-party, CEL & Associates, Inc. on behalf of the Army for all Installations. All responses are confidential; true opinions and thoughts are encouraged. Any resident who did not receive their one survey per household should contact CEL via email at ArmyHousingSurvey@celassociates.com to obtain a survey link. When emailing CEL, the resident must include Fort Belvoir and complete street address. Responses will be accepted through January 15. This year, CEL and the Army will share results when all responses have been aggregated after the survey’s close. If you are a resident with an issue or concern that requires immediate attention, reach out to your Community Management Office for assistance. Visit the Villages at Belvoir’s Facebook page or the resident portal for details and updates on the raffles and events.

OMB Control Number: 0704-0553 OMB Expiration Date: 31 March 22.