The Virginia Department of Health encourages all Virginians to respond and engage with legitimate contact-tracing calls and emails while remaining vigilant against scams. The caller ID will read “VDH COVID Team.”

Contact tracing saves lives

Virginia employs contact tracers to notify people who have been exposed to known cases of COVID-19. Contact tracers offer information, encourage people to monitor themselves for symptoms, and refer those who develop symptoms for medical evaluation and testing, to help contain the spread in Virginia.

Contact tracing saves lives by preventing the spread of COVID-19, so every Virginian is encouraged to do their part and answer calls, texts or emails from the commonwealth’s contact tracers.

Beware of scams

While all are encouraged to engage with legitimate contact-tracing calls, the VDH warns against scammers who take advantage of how the process works.

Recognizing the signs of a scam is important. Contact tracers will not ask for money or information, like a Social Security number, bank account details or credit card numbers. Virginia does not charge people for contact-tracing services.

Contact tracers will offer to enroll Virginians in a voluntary, contact monitoring platform called Sara Alert, which people can use to update local health departments on their health status while they participate in public health monitoring. The Sara Alert system is secure and always contacts users from the same phone number or email: 844-957-2721 or notifications@saraalert.org.