Army Emergency Relief needs your help. AER is a non-profit, financial assistance organization that provides zero-interest loans and grants to Soldiers and families in need.

The AER Campaign, through May 15, is seeking donations to help Soldiers, retirees and their families get through short-term financial emergencies, including living expenses, utilities, vehicle repairs, medical expenses, emergency travel and more, according to the campaign supervisor, Andrew Pike.

“We are the Army’s charity,” he said. “Go to aerhq.org, and hit the Donate button. You can donate via credit card, PayPal, or monthly allotment. Soldiers can even note their unit for tracking purposes, though all donations go into the general fund.”

AER offers a loan, a grant, or a combination of the two.

“Emergency travel is automatically a 50/50 split (half loan, half grant), and that percentage adjusts based on the financial impact to the Soldier; each case is worked against the Soldier’s budget. Some Soldiers may even receive a full grant if the need is there,” Pike said.

As Fort Belvoir does not have an AER officer, Soldiers who need help have options. They can use AER Quick Assist by speaking with their company commander or 1st Sergeant for a loan approval; direct access to AER at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, 202 Custer Road, Fort Myer, VA, or call 703-696-3510. Retirees or Soldiers with easier access to another installation can contact that service’s aid society, as Navy and Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard all have reciprocal agreements.

Soldiers can also call the Red Cross military assistance hotline, 877-272-7337, get their case approved and receive money via Western Union, giving a reach across the entire U.S.

Beyond emergency relief, AER also offers scholarships for children and spouses.

Since 1942, AER has provided $2 billion to nearly 4 million Soldiers, including $1 billion since 9/11. Through zero-interest loans, grants, and educational scholarships, AER ensures no Soldier faces financial hardship on their own.

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AER Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

202 Custer Road, Fort Myer, Va.