Retired Maj. Gen. Tom McHugh, far left, presents a $7,500 check to SFAC and EFMP to continue activities provided by Fort Belvoir Army Community Services.

Army Retirement Residence Foundation pays it forward

The Army Retirement Residence Foundation – Potomac presented Belvoir’s Army Community Service with $7,500 in assistance for two of its critical programs at a dinner, June 14 at The Fairfax at Belvoir Woods.

Retired Maj. Gen. Tom McHugh said many residents had volunteered to solicit donations at the Fort Belvoir Commissary and Exchange for several months. He said the foundation maintains so many programs, but this was among its most important.

Tammye Braddy, director of Fort Belvoir ACS, thanked the foundation on behalf of Service members, family members and Team ACS for their time and generosity.

“This donation is extremely helpful to ACS and to the military families who benefit directly from these funds, in particular, when we are experiencing staffing reduction and budget cuts, while our services are still in high demand,” Braddy said.

Braddy reminded the audience of retirees and spouses that ACS’ services are not just extended to Army personnel, as ACS services all branches at Fort Belvoir.

The donations assist two vital programs at ACS: the Soldier and Family Assistance Center and the Exceptional Family Member Program, which, Braddy said, promotes mission-ready war fighters.

“Your donations mean we are able to continue to provide recreational activities, such as adaptive aquatics, kayaking and bowling,” said Braddy. “They allow families to develop a supportive social network, and build an enduring sense of community with others who share the same challenges.”

Braddy said SFAC works to restore mission-ready war fighters for their next phase of life.

“For our wounded, ill and injured population, this donation will help us provide a comfortable environment, compassionate care and supportive services,” she said, “… services that are so important to the health and well-being of the Soldiers who are working so hard to get well, unite with their family, or possibly return to duty.”

Expressing her gratitude for the foundation’s continued support of those who serve, Braddy reminded the audience that when we give, cheerfully, and it is accepted gratefully, everyone is blessed.