As part of its outreach program, and to wrap up Alcohol Awareness Month, representatives from Fort Belvoir’s Army Substance Abuse Program met Exchange patrons, to reinforce their messages and increase program awareness. 

In between speaking with shoppers, James Peters, prevention coordinator; and Lamar Williams, drug-testing counselor, both from ASAP, spoke with the Eagle. 

“We’re here to support whatever 

needs you have, whether you’re a Service member, civilian employee, a retiree or a family member,” Peters said. “We want to focus this year on reducing alcohol consumption overall. We also want to drill the message in about drinking responsibly and in moderation.” 

Williams added that it’s important for Service members and civilian employees to know how recent changes to local marijuana laws can affect their employment. 

“If you work for the government, as a military member or federal, civilian employee, you cannot participate in marijuana use, even if you live in a state, like Maryland, that has decriminalized and legalized it, for medical use,” Williams emphasized. “You cannot smoke marijuana. Period. Bottom line.” 

Williams also warned of consuming products that contain THC, possibly unknowingly. 

“A lot of Soldiers have to pay attention to what they’re eating now, at parties. Your career could end,” he said. 

In addition to Substance Abuse Prevention Education and the Drug-Testing programs, ASAP at Fort Belvoir also offers Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care; and Employee Assistance, Suicide Prevention and Risk-Reduction programs. 

The Employee Assistance Program provides screening, referrals, counseling and consultation services to management, in addition to prevention education. 

EAP can be a resource for help with personal problems, including alcohol and drug abuse; and health, marital, emotional, behavioral and financial issues; or anything that affects employees. 

Belvoir’s Army Substance Abuse Program Division falls under the Directorate of Human Resources; and is in Bldg. 213, 2nd floor, 5815 20th St. 

The office is open weekdays from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and can be reached by calling 703-805-1083.