Perennial powerhouse, Joint Personal Property Shipping Office-Mid Atlantic and reigning Commander’s Cup champion, Defense Logistics Agency, treated spectators to a full-throttle showcase of athletic precision, when the squads squared off in a late-season intramural basketball showdown that went down to the final possession, Jan. 23 at Wells Field House.

A last-minute application of its legendary man defense in the waning seconds of the second period propelled JPPSOMA, once again, into the winner’s circle.

JPPSOMA, a squad loaded with Washington Area Military Athletic Conference veterans and more hoops championship trophies at its headquarters than any other unit on post, came to the court at the top of the rankings with a 9-1 record on the season. But, 7-1 DLA, one of the fiercest units in Belvoir’s intramural league, would make sure its opponent’s task at hand would be anything but a cakewalk.

JPPSOMA’s offensive arsenal, spearheaded by the Canady brothers, Chad and Chapman; Deonte Bleach; R.J. Douglas; Tyrell Sitton; and Charles Calhoun, worked to keep the scales balanced against the shooting and lane-charging precision of DLA’s Josh Kovalski; Wes Griffiths; Earl Monkou; John Holliday; Farron Byrd and Bryan Patterson.

The back-and-forth, lead-exchanging showdown continued up to the final 30 seconds of the contest, when JPPSOMA managed to sink a pair of foul-drawing drives into the lane.

A trio of freebies from the charity stripe kept JPPSOMA in front, as the dwindling game clock denied DLA any comeback effort.

Final score: JPPSOMA 75, DLA 71.

Regular season IM basketball games are finished. Next is a single-elimination, championship tournament between the 10 top-seeded teams.

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