Belvoir Police patrols and traffic enforcement will increase at Jeff Todd Way and Pole Road to reduce speeds and enhance safety for drivers and pedestrians.

The signing of an interagency agreement between Fairfax County and the Department of Defense will allow Belvoir Police and their county and state law enforcement counterparts to tackle a major concern of Woodlawn Village residents near Jeff Todd Way–reckless driving and speeding.

Fort Belvoir’s new police chief, Anthony Jackson, said he is going to boost his patrol presence along Jeff Todd Way to discourage speeding.

“I’ve actually patrolled there myself just to get some visual data and some numbers, and I’ve witnessed some triple-digit speeds out there,” Jackson said. “From what I’d gathered previously, some of the accidents out there have been pretty bad because of the speeders, so we want to prevent that as much as possible. We plan on doing traffic enforcement out there and make a presence to let them know ‘this is not the Daytona 500’.”

According to Chris Landgraf, former acting DPW director, Jeff Todd Way was constructed to connect Route 1 and Telegraph Road and Beulah Street were closed following the 9/11 attacks.

“Since 2015, the Federal Highway Administration, Virginia Department of Transportation, and the Army, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Commonwealth of Virginia have been working on establishing concurrent jurisdiction for the road. Concurrent jurisdiction provides the State and County police the authority to enforce traffic laws on the road along with the Belvoir Police,” Landgraf wrote in response to questions from the Eagle.

For Woodlawn residents like Shirella Walker, traffic enforcement on the road is an important safety issue.

“I’ve lived in Woodlawn Village for three years, and that intersection has been a nightmare,” said Walker. “Driving onto Jeff Todd from Pole Road, depending on when you find yourself at that intersection, could take ten minutes due to the flow of traffic. Also, people fly down that road. It is not uncommon to see cars going 80 mph on the highway trying to cut off the car in front of them to get to the Jeff Todd/Pole Road intersection.

The interagency agreement was lauded by Fairfax County Supervisor Dan Storck, who represents the Mount Vernon District which includes Jeff Todd Way.

“Thanks to another cooperative agreement with Fort Belvoir, our area just got a little safer,” Storck said. “The agreement gives Fairfax County Police permission to patrol and enforce traffic laws on Jeff Todd Way. I continue to appreciate the partnership Fort Belvoir has with our community and our shared interest in protecting and enriching the lives of our residents.”