In past years, Fort Belvoir hosted Thanksgiving Day meals with a buffet at the Officers’ Club, covering several seatings. 

But with the pandemic rearranging schedules and restricting in-person gatherings, Fort Belvoir Morale, Welfare and Recreation decided to fill the void by doing something different this season. 

For the first time, MWR offers a reservation-only Thanksgiving Dinner menu for base families, through the Officers’ Club, using curbside service. The deadline for registration has been extended so people can place their orders today by Nov. 19 and then pick up the meal boxes Nov. 25, by 7 p.m., at the club.  

MWR Chefs Nelly Zambrano and David Hackney will put together the meals at the Golf Club and the Officers’ Club. This offering allows a way to support people living on post by providing a chance to enjoy a Thanksgiving Day meal without having to cook it themselves. Each meal will come with heating instructions from the chefs. 

“With COVID, we saw a need in the Belvoir community to prepare dinners to go,” said Tim Coolican, Belvoir’s director of business operations chief at DFMWR, and the golf club general manager. 

Past curbside service for events inspired Coolican to consider doing the same for Thanksgiving, given the limitations caused by COVID-19. 

“It just seemed like a natural thing to do,” Coolican said. 

The meals consist of a 16-pound turkey along with seven pounds of mashed potatoes and cornbread stuffing, five pounds of green beans or collard greens, two pounds of cranberry sauce, 15 rolls with butter and three quarts of turkey gravy. The meals can serve up to 10 people and cost $150. If people want, they can also order an eight-pound ham for $42, an apple cobbler for $15 and a pumpkin pie for $16. 

Coolican said that Belvoir may do this type of meal for Christmas, if things go well for Thanksgiving.

“We’re going to use this as a test to see how it goes,” Coolican said. “If there’s a demand, I’d like to do it.”