Col. Michael Greenberg, Garrison commander, answers questions during the quarterly Fort Belvoir Partners and Community Leaders luncheon at the Officers’ Club, May 21.

Dozens of agencies received a status update on housing at the Fort Belvoir Partners and Community Leaders Luncheon, May 21. 

“We have taken back some ownership,” said Col. Michael Greenberg, Fort Belvoir Garrison commander, when addressing the ongoing housing issue, “and we ask that for level two, the chain of command is a huge process. If you’re one of those chains of command, thank you for supporting the installation and the partners.” 

Greenberg said garrison coordination is not 100 percent yet, but trending upward. 

Chris Landgraf, deputy director of Public Works, also spoke about recent efforts on improving the housing situation. He said over the past 90 days, there have been numerous town halls, focus groups and improved methods for residents to report problems, with garrison leaders working on more communications improvements. He said the size of the challenge makes it difficult. 

“With 2,154 homes, of which 99 percent are occupied at all times, it causes us to displace people to hospitality suites (while work is done), and mold issues take more time to remediate,” he said. 

Improving communications, one resident at a time 

Since the ActiveBuilding Resident Portal’s inception in April, the one stop communication tool for housing issues, has seen major improvements in a short amount of time. Residents can now add a photo to the work order, giving them the power to illustrate exactly what and where the problem is for the maintenance team. 

According to Jennifer Watkins, community director, residents signing up for the portal have grown to 37 percent. She urges residents to take advantage of the new and improved tool, and asks residents for their feedback and patience as we work through software bugs to upgrade and improve the system. 

To sign up, residents must complete the registration form that was sent from the system-generated e-ma i l : noreply@ activebuilding.com. Residents should contact their community management office to receive a new registration link.