Savings percentages for commissary patrons worldwide was 24.2 percent during the second quarter of fiscal 2020, a timespan from January through March, reported the Defense Commissary Agency.

Congress requires that DeCA maintain savings at levels that are reasonably consistent with the fiscal 2016 savings baseline. The latest savings report marked a 0.7-point increase in global customer savings percentage compared to the same-store 2016 baseline savings of 23.5 percent. The global savings level is a weighted average of both U.S. and overseas regions.

“For our customers, it’s all about the savings,” said Rear Adm. (retired) Robert J. Bianchi, DOD special assistant for commissary operations. “And the value of the commissary benefit revolves around our ability to provide consistent savings. That’s why our Your Everyday Savings! program is so important in helping us keep prices competitive on items our customers purchase the most.”

Patron savings figures specific to each geographic area indicate how much, on average, a patron could expect to save on grocery purchases in comparison with local grocers in that area. DeCA measures savings for a region so it can better monitor how much commissary patrons actually save in the geographic area in which they shop.

DeCA employs a third-party contractor to collect pricing for a representative market basket of goods surveyed at about 25 percent of U.S. commissaries each quarter. The agency compares prices with up to three commercial grocers, including one supercenter, in the local area of each commissary in the United States. The price comparisons ensure that service members and their families are saving money when they shop their commissary.