Housing program offers Spouses a helping hand during deployment 

 When a Service member deploys, the entire Family is called into action. Understanding this, The Villages at Belvoir offers Families a lending hand during this stressful time through the Deployment Support Program. We designed our program to give the deployed spouse peace-of-mind in knowing that there are a few less things that his or her spouse has to worry about here at home during their deployment. Through our Deployment Support Program, a helping hand is available to help care for not only the deployed Service member’s home and lawn, but also to help knock some of those “honey-do” items off the list. 

The Villages professional maintenance team stands ready to provide a lending hand by knocking out some notorious “honey-do” tasks that always seem to come up around the house. 

Whether a Family has been through several deployments or this is the first time they are separated from a loved one, this experience can be intimidating and confusing. Spending time with other Families who understand this experience firsthand can be helpful to many Families, which is why we begin to offer at least one event per quarter exclusively for Families enrolled in our program. The program also includes: 

 12 maintenance support coupons for use by the deployed Service member’s spouse during the length of the deployment with each coupon good for up to one (1) hour of maintenance support. This lending hand is in addition to the 24-hour emergency and routine maintenance services already provided to your Family as a benefit of living at The Villages at Belvoir. 

 Should the Family want to take an extended trip (30 or more days), our team will help monitor and maintain the home during the Family’s absence and Service member’s deployment by providing backyard lawn maintenance and weekly visits to determine that no emergencies have in the Caution-home. 

Program Participation Requirements 

Our Deployment Support Program is available to support Families of active duty Service members during dependent-restricted/unaccompanied assignments or deployments lasting 90 days or longer. 

Enrolling in our Deployment Support Program is easy. The deploying Service member simply needs to submit the following to his or her Community Management Office: 

 A copy of military orders that meet the above criteria 

 A completed Deployment Support Program Enrollment Form 

Residents are encouraged to contact their Community Management Office if they have any questions. As always, we are here to help.