The replacement of the Dogue Creek Bridge on Fort Belvoir is currently estimated to be completed and opened by July 31, 2021.

The $3.8 million bridge fabrication project to build, deliver and install a replacement to the existing structure was delayed by COVID-19 work restrictions for a number of months. The project includes replacement of the existing steel superstructure, including: new bearings and expansion joints at both ends of the bridge; approach railings on all four corners of the bridge; and a pedestrian walkway on the downstream side of the bridge.

The project contractor, B.L Harbert International, is now estimating delivery of the new bridge to Fort Belvoir in early February 2021. Once delivered, work will begin to install and secure the new structure and will take approximately five months, with construction estimated to be finished by June 30, 2021.

The new bridge will undergo quality and safety inspections, with final acceptance and bridge opening July 31, 2021 and will coincide with the reopening of Walker Gate, which has been closed since Aug. 23, 2019.