Environmental Services has noticed a lot of people have been collecting litter around the installation. However, people are leaving the collected trash along roads and trails for someone else to dispose of. Leaving that trash collected in the environment does not really help the problem.

Concentrating garbage in a specific area attracts wildlife like raccoons and possums. This may bring them closer to housing areas creating problems for residents. If left unattended long enough, litter at these concentration sites will spread out and become dispersed throughout the environment again. While they are still contained, trash collection may kill the vegetation underneath it and contaminants can leach into the soil preventing vegetation from growing back.

It’s great to collect litter around Fort Belvoir and at home. It is best to wear gloves and either brightly colored clothing or a safety vest to make sure you can be seen. Remember not to overfill bags. You are more likely to be cut by broken glass or jagged trash when bags are overfilled and the bag may rip ruining all of your hard work. Most importantly, make sure to dispose of all of the waste properly. Recycle what can be recycled and make sure the rest of the litter makes its way to a trashcan.