Col. Michael Greenberg, Fort Belvoir Garrison Commander

Col. Michael Greenberg, Fort Belvoir Garrison Commander, addresses the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, June 25. 

Supervisors applaud deep ties with Fort Belvoir


The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, at its meeting on June 25, proclaimed the week of June 23 to 29 as Army Week in the county, and urged residents to congratulate the Army on its 244th anniversary. Sharon Bulova, Board Chair, noted the broad impact the Army and Fort Belvoir continues to play in the county. 

“Pretty much everyone in Fairfax County has a connection or some kind of relationship to Fort Belvoir, the Army, or our military,” Bulova said. 

Dan Storck, Mount Vernon District Supervisor, said his district has always seen close alignment with Fort Belvoir’s future goals due to its encompassing proximity with the post. 

“We like to say we surround the Army,” Storck said. “We have a great partner in (Garrison Commander, Col. Michael) Greenberg. We have worked together on a number of issues in the last year. … The colonel and I are working on something to utilize each other’s contracts with the county and federal government, so we all can save some money.” 

Jeff McKay, Lee District Supervisor, thanked Greenberg for really embracing things ‘outside the gates’ and that his community appreciates the continued support from such a powerful economic driver in the region. 

“What people don’t’ realize – and I ask folks this question all the time – is if they can name the largest employer in Fairfax County, and almost nobody says Fort Belvoir,” McKay said. “Thank you for the transit service that you’ve added that has benefitted everyone in our end of the county.” 

Storck and McKay both expressed regret that they had just a two-year window to work with Greenberg, as so much has been accomplished in the first year of his command.