The Fairfax County Police Department, a Virginia Values Veterans-certified agency, is looking for men and women who thrive on challenges and pride themselves in serving others, according to Detective Shawn Carroll, who is coordinating a virtual job fair March 19 at 10 a.m.

“I served as an MP in the Army, and I really take pride in the recruitment team here in Fairfax County, and we enjoy helping Soldiers transition,” said Carroll, adding that former, and even current military is a perfect fit for the largest jurisdiction in Virginia. “In the military, you’re given a directive and expected to execute. That’s what we do; our residents expect nothing but the best.”

Capt. Rachel Levy, with the PD’s Personnel Resources Division, said the county offers pay increases of 5% for each of four criteria: military background; a college degree; foreign language skills; or prior law enforcement experience, noting that some officers are still serving in the National Guard and Reserve when they join.

“I’m also an Army veteran myself, and it’s an avenue to give back to the military through recruitment. The sense of service and commitment, and to communicate effectively and to think critically. We’re adaptable and looking for a police officer that can problem-solve,” said Levy.

“We talk to a lot of servicemen and they appreciate that esprit de corps. You don’t get that feeling at IBM or Amazon. Also, it’s a purpose-driven position. One of the things we do is poll people and ask them ‘why do you want to be a police officer?’ and the number one answer is service to the community,” Carroll said.

Carroll said the annual starting salary for a veteran would be $57,000

“For those with a desire to serve the community, joining Fairfax County Police doesn’t have an age limit for new officers, and you’ll become eligible for the amazing retirement benefits with Fairfax County,” Levy said. “We are always hiring.”