At the southern edge of Belvoir’s George Washington Village, there is a paved trail that curves invitingly into the forest. As you enter the dense cover, a wooden sign on the bridge signals what awaits: “Welcome to the Fairy Forest.”

Walking the trail, visitors begin to spot new scenes that have appeared since they were last there.

It’s an eclectic mix of scenes: a tiny unicorn guarding a sleeping fairy; an homage to Walt Disney World; a winter scene with Santa; even a unicorn stable.

All of this started with Kyler Robinson, who was intrigued when he read about gnomes mysteriously appearing in New York City’s Central Park.

“No one knew why they were there, and I wanted to do something like that, but bigger, which is why we did it here,” Kyler said.

His mother, DaNita, said they started the project when they moved to Belvoir a few years ago. After setting out several tiny scenes in the forest, DaNita said someone destroyed all of them.

“When people heard it got destroyed, everyone wanted to help rebuild it,” she said.

Kyler said his idea has indeed grown, with many of the neighborhood’s families taking part in maintaining and arranging the small figurines.

“I like that it’s made the community feel like we’re together on this, and everyone seems to love it,” Kyler said. “Every time you walk through, there’s new stuff, and because it’s so small, you catch things.”

DaNita said the forest has become a story of community.

“Everyone is so welcoming, here. I feel lucky that I was here, and we had this forest to work in,” she said, noting they PCS soon. “We’re leaving at the end of summer, but it’ll stay here for everybody, since they’ve all pitched in. It’s not just ours, anymore.”

Nine year-old Kelly Purcell agrees.

“Because it has tons of fairies, and everyone has helped. It’s a project where everyone can help and make the forest fun,” she said.