Residents in each of the Villages at Belvoir hosted their own yard or garage sale Saturday and Sunday, to either remove clutter from their homes or prepare for an upcoming move. The July yard sale weekend was hot, with the temperatures in the high 90s to 100s and pure sunshine. Temperatures reached 99 on Saturday and 100 on Sunday, according to AccuWeather, which seemed to keep turnout low.

With the heat, not all of the yard sales were successful and one even had to avoid conducting theirs due to the temperatures. 

“I couldn’t set up,” said Stephanie Schroeder-Graham, a George Washington Village resident. “It was too hot. I’m trying to help a friend, and I’m moving, again, so I’m packing, too.”

These weekends are chosen annually to help village residents, due to yard sales being seen as a business, according to Schroeder-Graham, who added residents are not allowed to host a garage or yard sale outside of the approved dates, because it goes against housing leases. “We aren’t allowed to have yard sales on post without housing permission, because we are selling things,” Schroeder-Graham said. 

During the August yard sale, members of George Washington Village have put together a kids’ entrepreneur day. “Each neighborhood is hosting a kids’ entrepreneur day in conjunction with the yard sale weekend,” said Christine Grier George, a Jadwin Loop resident.

“Kids may sell things as part of learning how to run a business (within base and housing policies),” said George. She added each village has a liaison/representative for residents to sign up with and a designated area for children to set up their booth. Ages 3 to 16 are allowed to register and participate. 

This was the fifth of seven yard sales this year that Fort Belvoir housing has approved. The next yard sale weekend is Aug. 17-18.