As part of the Fort Belvoir Garrison’s on-going effort keep the community informed about housing issues, the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Public Health Nursing Support has provided an update from their hotline that was established for housing residents to address health concerns related to mold exposure in on-post housing.

•The FBCH Health Hotline Process is:

•Callers are interviewed and offered a medical evaluation for potential mold exposures they feel may be related to on-post housing.

•The caller may request a medical evaluation for a family member.

•Callers who express specific concerns related to the privatized housing office are given the Garrison Housing Hotline, 571-259- 9867


21 Callers since March 8; resulting in 80 interviews (multiple interviews conducted per each household from a single caller)

25 who were interviewed requested medical evaluation

46 who were interviewed were already seeking medical evaluation and declined additional medical evaluation

9 who were interviewed declined medical evaluation

6 Patients were referred by their health care provider; these patients did not call the hotline