How to Resolve Housing Concerns

The Fort Belvoir Command Team hosted the initial Housing Focus group meeting with residents from the 15 Villages at Belvoir housing communities.

The purpose of the Housing Focus Group is to establish a committee of residents that can serve as community ambassadors to highlight unresolved housing issues, provide feedback and share information to residents in their communities.

Garrison Commander, Col. Michael Greenberg met with the group to discuss member roles and responsibilities, new initiatives and finished the meeting with an open discussion. Greenberg said the intent of the group is to focus on resolving systemic issues in the community.

“We want our residents to be as happy as possible here,” Greenberg said.

During the meeting, he outlined actions that have been implemented to resolve housing concerns, including the 3 Levels of Escalation, the Commander’s Housing Hotline and the Commander’s Housing Visits.

Additionally, housing partners, The Villages at Belvoir/Clark and Michaels Management, provided an update on their new initiatives and changes outlined below:

•New Resident Portal to Track and Submit Work Orders - Registration for the ActiveBuilding Resident Portal will be sent out April 1 – 4 through email.

•100% Life/Health/Safety inspections - As stated during the Inspector General Town Halls, there will be 100% life/health/safety inspections performed by a third party vendor.

•Improved technician communication – Technicians will call before each visit and provide a summary cards following service.

•Staffing increase to improve productivity and customer service – A total of 12 new hires are expected to be on board before May to better address service requests promptly and perform adequate follow-up with residents.

•Dedicated quality assurance & control department established in the next 30 days - This QA/QC team will be entrusted to check the work third party vendors perform in the homes.

•Vendor identification has begun using vehicle magnets and employee badges -Now vendors are required to conduct work in a company branded vehicle or use a vehicle magnet, as shown in the photo. Vendors will also be required to wear employee IDs when on post.