John Copeland, Senior Patrol Leader, shows off the 10-sided Rubik's Cube that he learned to solve during his stay-at-home summer on Fort Belvoir. Pack 118 was meeting to earn a virtual COVID-19 awareness merit badge, Aug. 25.

After postponing scout meetings this spring and summer due to the pandemic, Scouts BSA will host several recruiting meetings on Zoom Saturday morning and afternoon, according to Scoutmaster Larry Glick. The scout troop recruiting events will be Saturday at 10:30 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. and any families interested in receiving a Zoom invite should email lgv3bonilla@gmail.com.

Glick said 14 of the 16 scouts in the troop attended the kickoff virtual meeting in August, which spent time catching up with how the scouts had coped with a summer indoors. Assistant Scoutmaster Sandy Kellogg quizzed scouts on important facts pertaining to COVID-19, and steps to stay safe, including consistently wearing face masks when leaving the house.

“Masks are critical right now; I’m sure every one of you is wearing them outside,” Kellogg said, with many scouts nodding in agreement. She said safety should be familiar to any scout. “We all wear face masks, seat belts, and life preservers to be safe.”

One of four summer activities shared with the scout troop was constructing face masks, and she reviewed with everyone their training during the first aid badge, that had already taught them how to remove sterile gloves without getting contaminated.

There was a discussion of cabin fever, with several scouts saying they were unfamiliar with the term, and Kellogg explained it is a distressing claustrophobic irritability, after being stuck in confined quarters.

One of the scouts, Alexander Dealdo, said he figured out how to minimize that feeling.

“When I start feeling that way, I just go out for a run, and by the time I finish, I feel a lot better,” Dealdo said.

There were even a nuanced discussion by Kellogg about the term R0, pronounced “R naught” and one of the scouts correctly explained to the others that is the calculation of how many people each infected person tends to pass an infection to.

The troop also came up with some clever units of measurement for the six-foot minimum for social distancing, with one scout explaining “the same distance as actor Ryan Reynolds on his side.”

Coping techniques for the remain-at-home order brought up discussions of binging on Netflix, learning how to play solitaire, drawing and reading favorite books. One scout said his mom reads articles from Lincoln Douglas at lunch every day for the family to think about. John Copeland, holding up a large, ten-by-ten Rubik’s cube on screen, said he used his free time to solve this cube – several times, which drew gasps from his fellow scouts.

There was also a list of sports activities and the scouts took turns explaining which of them would be safest during a pandemic, with the safer choices emerging as auto racing, golfing, skiing and bicycling.

Glick said he hopes the first activity for the troop will be a trip to Ski Roundtop in Pennsylvania in January.

Scouting BSA welcomes boys, girls, and civilian families. If there is interest from a few more girls, Glick hopes it will spur the creation of a Girl Scout troop this fall.

For more information, and for an invitation to Saturday’s recruiting sessions, email lgv3bonilla@gmail.com