Members of Belvoir Garrison gathered in Belvoir Chapel, Friday, for Headquarters Battalion change of command, as Lt. Col. David Fleming assumed command from Lt. Col. Andrew Wilbraham.

Col. Michael Greenberg, Garrison commander, lauded Wilbraham’s leadership and strategic action.

“Especially in current times, leaders are so important and Lt. Col. Andy Wilbraham has been a constant, especially during what seems to be a period of constant change,” said Greenberg. “This leadership change is difficult, as we’ve looked to Lt. Col. Wilbraham and his team for support and they have all provided, time and time again.

“He’s supported my priorities, with clear, strategic action and has focused on his soldiers’ requirements and on our mission partners, here,” he said. “Even his wife and one of his daughters recently sewed masks for Headquarters Battalion Soldiers. that’s a true testament, to not only Lt. Col. Wilbraham’s, but his family’s impact, locally.”

Wilbraham, instead of addressing his years commanding the battalion, wanted to focus on its recent accomplishments.

“Everyone in the battalion found a new way of doing business,” Wilbraham said. “Regardless if it was JAG, keeping all of us in the right in unprecedented territory; RSO, trying to figure out how to virtually provide spiritual leadership to the installation; the MPs taking measures to ensure they could still support the garrison while still providing MDW support; and Soldiers serving at the Exchange and commissary.

“What everyone has done over the last few months has been phenomenal and, because of your selfless devotion and hard work, you have written another major page in battalion history,” he said.

Wilbraham thanked the battalion’s Soldiers, NCOs and junior officers. “You are the heart of this organization; we would have no purpose without you. The way you conduct yourself, daily, is nothing like I’ve seen in my 23 years. This is a battalion of leaders, regardless of rank, and I’m very, very proud to say I was your commander.”

Incoming commander, Lt. Col. David Fleming, who has served three combat tours, thanked Maj. Gen. Omar Jones, commanding general of the Military District of Washington, for his assignment.

“Fort Belvoir, Virginia – I couldn’t ask for a better place,” Fleming said as he left the podium, and stood at the front of the chapel. Fleming said he’s reading about Gen. George C. Marshall, “and every time he spoke, he didn’t have any notes. He always let it come from the heart, be quick, and let the folks remember it, so that’s the way I look at things.

“I’m all about getting missions done, living the Army Values with each and every one of you, and giving dignity and respect for everybody. If we can do those three things, we’ll get the job done. I’m really fired up,” Fleming said.