In these unprecedented times, the staff at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital has risen to the challenge of caring for our military community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re highlighting only a few of the many dedicated TEAM FBCH doctors, nurses, medics, corpsmen, and staff making a difference.

Sgt. Christopher Down, Front entrance screener 

Why does it mean to serve?

Being on the ‘front line,’ ensuring I am protecting my family of Soldiers, Sailors, employees and their families, brings a sense of pride, in that the work I do will have potentially saved a life every minute, hour and day.

I find enjoyment in this job by bringing a sense of comfort for all who enter our facility, knowing that someone is there looking out for them. 

Though serving on a Covid task force has been liberating, I’ve been able to really make a difference on a larger scale, by being able to mitigate and limit our curve at Belvoir Hospital. 

Sgt. Justin Rupp, NCOIC of inpatient Ward 7 North

How does your job fill an essential role?

It offers its own unique challenges as an extremely fast-paced inpatient ward. We have a joint staff of contractors, civilians, Army and Navy, enlisted and officers. 

The opportunity to join the Army as a licensed practical nurse seemed like a phenomenal opportunity to give back to my country and the warfighters who defend our country. The pandemic was a loud reminder of that call to serve.

Our inpatient medical telemetry and surgical staff were intermingled to ensure a balance of experience, as we prepared for a surge, to staff four medical units, including two brand new ones. 

Lt. Cmdr. Stephanie Clapper, Deputy director for administration

Why do you enjoy your job?

We have some amazing leadership, here, which can make or break a job.

This is what we train for in the U.S. Navy, to work on the frontlines, regardless of the circumstances, and put the welfare of those around us before ourselves.

I feel extremely fortunate, unlike many Americans, I have a job and I feel incredibly safe at my job and at the hospital. 

I find myself and a lot of my colleagues getting more creative. We are really trying to think outside the box to continue providing patient care, while protecting the staff.

Katherine Bevan, Emergency physician

Why do you enjoy your job?

Every day in the emergency department is different. I get to directly care for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Sometimes, patient encounters are exhilarating; sometimes they are tragic, and often the two are mixed up together. 

I like helping people and solving problems. Sometimes the problem boils down to making a diagnosis, or just helping someone feel better. 

I get to play 20 Questions over and over, to try to tease out a history of what might be causing someone’s symptoms. In the same day, I might play Peek a Boo with a toddler; help a person with a dislocated finger and thank a World War II veteran.

Rolando Diaz, Epidemiology technician

How do you serve?

I’m a veteran, and still love serving my country and our beneficiaries. Helping others to see how we are all connected to each other is an essential part of what I love to do at work.  

This is a historic, public health event, and I feel that my actions, along with those of my military colleagues and our civilian public health partners, will make a difference in saving lives. That is what it is all about. 

We communicate to ensure our policies and procedures are in line with military guidelines and those of Virginia and the CDC.