Shawn Wright, housing management specialist with Fort Belvoir’s Housing Services Office.

As families start to prepare for a summertime resumption of PCS activity, many incoming families are reaching out to Belvoir’s Housing Services Office, according to Housing Management Specialist Edmond Hackett, who said traffic slowed quite a bit after the Pentagon’s PCS stop-movement order was extended through June.

Hackett said the housing office still helps people already living on post who are looking to relocate to another Village, and those Service members who are continuing with PCS orders under special circumstances. Visits to the office have declined, and Hackett advised clients to call ahead and use their face coverings when they arrive.

“We are still helping Service members and getting a lot of calls from people who will be coming into the area, which is good, because they’re planning ahead, like they should,” Hackett said.

The housing office also continues to dispatch its QA team to ensure any home ready for move-in meets Army standards.

Shawn Wright, also a housing management specialist, said she really enjoys helping the younger Soldiers.

“I would say I am the ‘mama bear’ of the office, here. I have a big heart for the new Service members, because I remember what it’s like to be at my first duty station and being clueless,” said Wright. “I like to catch them when they get here and put them on the right path.”

Wright said some arrive without an assigned sponsor, and without a vehicle, which can make a daunting first impression.

“They get here from AIT and I’ll jump through hoops for them to the point of giving them rides and things of that nature. I just hope someone would do that for my sons, if they’re in need,” she said.

Wright said she was away from work for some surgeries, and couldn’t wait to return.

“I would not trade this for anything. I missed my people and I’m glad to be back.”

Contact Housing Services Office at 703-805-3019.