installAtion Access Update

It’s important to keep in mind the Coronavirus Pandemic is still with us and continues to impact Post operations to include, manning levels and wait times at the access control points.

J.J. Kingman, Tulley, and Pence are the only gates that remain open for public access to the installation, Farrar Gate is open for entry to the Airfield only.

Current Situation:

The number of vehicles accessing Fort Belvoir are recorded and evaluated daily. The current data shows, average traffic volume, pre-pandemic, was 48,000 vehicles entering on a daily basis. Currently the average daily volume is 23,502 vehicles and this has remained consistent since returning to HPCON Bravo.

The Facts:

Fort Belvoir has not seen an overall increase in traffic numbers coming through the gates, and the numbers are holding steady. If an increase in numbers occur, consideration to opening additional Gates will be considered.

Depending on your route of travel and where you are going on post, it might be beneficial to enter a different gate, one that has lower traffic volume.

You currently have three gates to use to access post.

The graphic shows the average number of cars at each gate during the peak traffic hours of 6 - 9 a.m.

Avoid using Pence and Tulley during that time to reduce your wait at the gate.