Fort Belvoir Garrison Commander Col. Michael Greenberg works with installation directors during a Leaders’ Huddle to improve processes with the 2020 Action Plan. 

Fort Belvoir garrison directors huddled last Thursday and Friday at the Officers’ Club to look at mission objectives and the 2020 Action Plan with Garrison Commander Col. Michael Greenberg, and ensure that planned priorities match those of Army Materiel Command, which has assumed control of Installation Management Command. “This event is really important to prepare for the Installation Planning Board, and how we integrate our mission into the AMC priorities,” Greenberg said. 

The garrison commander briefed leadership on the changes that Brig. Gen. Omar Jones brings to Fort Belvoir, as commanding general of the and Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region and the Military District of Washington. Greenberg said Gen. Jones is very forward-thinking, and has changed SitRep expectations, with commanders reporting weekly instead of bi-weekly, like before. 

The team revised the garrison’s “Where Do I Fit In” booklet, revised 2019 action plans, and clarified the 2020 plans. 


Fort Belvoir Garrison Commander Col. Michael Greenberg coaches Angie Dinzeo through a minefield of obstacles during a team-building exercise at the Leaders’ Huddle July 25. 

Navigating the minefield 

The group split into two-person teams, and learned how to coach and be coached by another while navigating a minefield of obstacles across the dance floor. The coach had to stand at one end of a path, strewn with obstacles, and help their buddy work through the field with eyes closed without stepping on or knocking over anything. 

The group established a Board of Directors, chaired by the Deputy to the Garrison Commander, to work on a continuous process improvement initiative, and discuss issues that will assure garrison continuity through leadership changes. 

Andrea White, Director of Plans, Analysis and Integration, said the board will also review all things involving senior leader-related to ensure garrison staff is not just satisfied, but thoroughly engaged. 

“We are going to examine all garrison and Army surveys, analyze the feedback and then identify what areas to prioritize to ensure the workforce is engaged, happy and satisfied and that they want to come to work here at this garrison,” White said. 

Greenberg told the directors that while there is a lot of work ahead, he was pleased with the progress. 

“Thank you for what you do every day. This stuff doesn’t get seen, but it’s so important for smooth operations,” he said. 

Directors will coordinate these proposed changes with PAIO to firm up the action plans.