Edythe Harris-Pendergast, left, helps Ester Selli get her visitor pass to Fort Belvoir.

As you near Fort Belvoir on your morning commute, you realize you don’t have your CAC or visitor’s pass, and then visions of long waits at the Visitor Center to gain access make you anxious about arriving late to work. New updates this spring to Fort Belvoir’s Automated Installation Entry System, AIE-4, have improved entry speeds to the post for all vehicles, and new kiosks at the Tulley Gate Visitor’s Center means a forgotten ID won’t cause additional problems. 

Daniel Hoffer, the Visitor Control Center supervisor, said the addition of self-serve kiosks offer temporary one-day passes quickly. 

“Any CAC or military ID cardholder who is registered in our system can sit down at the kiosk and select ‘Forgot CAC,’ enter their Social Security number, name, and tap the submit button,” Hoffer said.

It usually takes about 30 seconds for an ID holder to input their information. In another 20 seconds, a one-day pass is printed, and, once you sign it, you’re back on your way. Edythe Harris-Pendergast is a security assistant who greets everyone at the front door and said the new system is very popular.

“It’s wonderful. It really helps people who are running behind, and don’t want to fill out a form, because that’s what they had to do before. It saves people a lot of time now,” Harris-Pendergast said. 

Mandy Bland, who had forgotten her CAC when she headed to work last Monday morning, agreed.

“It’s very simple, and if it finds you, it prints out your pass within 30 seconds. I love it. It’s much better,” Bland said.

Harris-Pendergast said it makes her job so much easier.