John Anderson holds virtual workouts twice a week on Belvoir MWR’s Facebook page.

Standing sideways, John Anderson instructs a viewer to drop their neck down and lift it up, then turn their whole body to the front. But, before continuing the workout, he ad libs one piece.

“Facing the camera, hey how you all doing?” Anderson says to those watching.

Anderson loves to engage his audience, even if he’s doing it remotely.

With gyms and fitness centers closed due to the coronavirus, Anderson, a sports and fitness instructor at Belvoir, is filling the void. He takes to social media twice a week to work out with any interested Soldiers and their families with a 30-minute video.

“We’re building a better team to keep the community healthy as a team,” said Anderson, who has been a fitness instructor for 36 years.

Using he and his wife’s iPhones to shoot the sessions inside their house, Wednesdays and Fridays, Anderson keeps visitors in shape with a variety of training options. He creates the workouts and then shoots his videos before they are posted on Belvoir MWR’s Facebook page.

“I was born to do this,” said Anderson. “I love helping people. I feel like I’m a carpenter shaping people.” Anderson and his wife, Maj. Sherry Anderson, have been at Belvoir on and off for five years.

Preparing for his virtual role takes some time. To ensure everything is running smoothly, from the equipment to scripting what he wants to say, Anderson does a trial run beforehand.

He’s encountered very few bumps. Early on, he realized he needed to update his devices so the technology worked.

He loves to get feedback, asking participants to give a thumbs up on Facebook if they liked the video. He said people are good about responding.

“All you need is 30 minutes to do all that cardio,” Anderson said. “That’s a good workout.”