With the global coronavirus crisis forcing more event cancellations and facility closures across Fort Belvoir, many of us are growing concerned about maintaining what the Army places as its highest priority, physical fitness, since recent government and command mandates closed public access to the installation’s gyms. Doing this limits possible new infections and maintains social distancing protocols.

MWR has addressed this issue and offers tips to keep the community active and fit.

“I’ve posted daily workouts on the Kawamura Human Performance Center’s Facebook page that require limited to no equipment and are functional in nature to keep our active duty ready,” said Karen Shepherd, KHPC supervisory sports specialist. “My goal is to provide the community with an alternative to training at the facilities. I’m also developing workouts for the MWR website that are family friendly and fun.”

Some of these home exercises include sit-ups; jumping lunges; bent-over rows; squats; climbers; jumping jacks and more, to keep the heart pumping and weight gain at bay through the coronavirus upheaval.

Shepherd also reminds the community to adhere to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 during day-to-day activities.

To check out fitness activities that do not require a gym, visit Fort Belvoir Kawamura Human Performance Center on facebook.