The residents of The Villages at Belvoir’s Jadwin Loop received an unexpected surprise, thanks to a 7-year-old’s imagination and his mother’s will.

Jennifer Fox, a military wife and mother to William and Kathleen Fox, contacted NERF after her son wanted to have a NERF war with all his friends in the loop.

“We came from Colorado Springs where they had a place to have NERF battles indoors,” Sara Allison said.

According to 7-year-old William, one day he was playing with friends and just asked his mom to make a NERF war happen.

Surprise shipment

“I didn’t know how to make it happen, but he encouraged me, saying that I could,” she said.

Fox contacted NERF to get help with her mission and they began sending packages of NERF footballs and NERF guns.

“The first day we received the footballs and some of the smaller guns and we were so surprised,” she said. “The second day we received more boxes filled with the Rival guns.”

Overall, she received 25 NERF footballs; 12 pink Overwatch guns; six large Rivals; and eight mixed guns, with a value of more than $1,000, to give to the children of Jadwin Loop.

Sharing with the community

“One of the other wives on the loop told me to invite people to share with, since we had so many, so I did,” Fox said.

To let everyone have a chance at getting the bigger guns, Fox decide to raffle off each item to the kids in the loop. William, and Col. Michael Greenberg, Fort Belvoir Garrison commander, helped run the raffle.

“We understand how hard it is for the children and the spouses of our Servicemen and -women and I am thankful to all of you, and Mrs. Jennifer Fox, for all you do,” Greenberg said.

In addition to NERF, Fox contacted Mission BBQ for food; iHeart Radio’s DC101 for entertainment; and Sunset Slush, a local father-son entrepreneurship.

After the raffle and after the kids had their fill of food, the battle that William hoped for began.

A variety of empty cardboard boxes were added to provide ‘cover’ and make it seem more like a battle. Sara Allison and her son, Jacob, ran the battle and the rules were decided on and displayed.

Members of the Fort Belvoir Fire Department and Military Police took on the kids in a NERF war that pitted more than 30 kids against 10 adults.