BE Domestic Violence Kickoff 2019 003

Col. Michael Greenberg, Fort Belvoir Garrison commander, signs the 2019 Army Domestic Violence Awareness Month proclamation during a ceremony, Tuesday at Army Community Service.

Fort Belvoir’s Family Advocacy Program joined Garrison leaders and community members, Tuesday at Army Community Service to begin the installation’s month-long effort to raise awareness of the problem of domestic violence in our ranks and to pledge to combat it.

Taneshia Gray, Fort Belvoir FAP victim advocate and intervention specialist, hosted the event and Angela Yeboah, Domestic Violence Action Center Manager at Fairfax County, Department of Family Services, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services, provided a discussion about the goals of her organization and its partnership with Fort Belvoir.

A Serious Subject

“Domestic violence is a serious subject that many people feel uncomfortable talking about; however, this shouldn’t be the case,” Greenberg said during opening remarks. He said that, through events and awareness campaigns, he hopes there’s a paradigm shift about domestic violence.

Help Always Available

“When military Families have the resources and the education they need, it helps the Army maintain its resiliency and readiness,” Greenberg continued. “Domestic violence in any form is unacceptable. It’s not just about the cuts and abrasions you can see on the outside; much of the hurt and pain is buried deep inside the victim and has long-lasting effects.

Greenberg then challenged everyone to pay attention to those around them. “If you or someone you know needs help, reach out,” he said. “We must ensure everyone can live their lives free of conflict, abuse and fear.”

Greenberg then signed the 2019 Army Domestic Violence Awareness Month proclamation. For more information, email Gray at or call 571-231- 7016.