ETS Sponsorship Program

When the time comes for your final military move, the ETS Sponsorship Program may be for you. ETS-SP, a public-private partnership between the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, local communities/governments, nonprofits and corporations, aims to help veterans successfully transition into their post military communities.

We all know the concept. We remember the PCS in which a good sponsor eased our transition to our new unit by serving as a resource and assisting when needed. Sponsors gave us information about our unit, our job responsibilities, housing, medical, and family considerations. Sponsors were our first bonds to our new unit; they made our units stronger.

When we make the final move, the ETS move to our new post military community, the ETS Sponsorship program intends that there be someone on the ground in your new community to assist with questions about employment, housing, schools, or VA benefits.

The ETS Sponsorship Program assigns sponsors to service members who are transitioning to their post military communities.

ETS sponsors, who are trained and certified, reduce the stress of the transition by mentoring veterans in critical domains, including employment, housing, family considerations, social/physical activities and medical concerns. Sponsors share their knowledge of the local area and available resources; they assist the transitioning service member in identifying goals and creating action plans to achieve these goals.

Sponsors empower the veteran and his or her family to maximize the ETS experience. By doing so, the sponsors and veterans together make our communities stronger.

ETS-SP is a public-health approach dependent upon participation from service members, veterans and sponsors.

Service members and veterans

• Up to a year before transitioning from the military, submit an online application.

• ETS-SP will connect you to a sponsor in your post-military community. You’ll meet with this new sponsor virtually until you arrive on the ground in the community.

• You and your sponsor will work together on your transition needs and goals.


• Anyone – military or civilian, retired or family member –who cares about our service members and is willing and able to commit the time can sign up to be a sponsor.

• Sponsors participate in three virtual training sessions, typically about two hours each.

• Upon graduation from this training, sponsors are certified and matched with a transitioning service member.

• To ensure our veterans receive relevant and appropriate information, sponsors participate quarterly in one-hour virtual professional development sessions.

• Sponsors agree to contact the veteran weekly and meet in person or teleconference with the veteran monthly.

• Sponsors guide the veteran in identifying goals and developing action plans to achieve these goals.

Every Soldier who raises his or her hand and swears to defend the Constitution of the United States will, one day, hang the uniform up. Every Soldier will go from serving our country in uniform to transitioning to the post-military community. Every Soldier will have a change of mission.

The ETS Sponsorship Program aims to ensure that the veteran is empowered to achieve this new mission and make the successful transition to civilian life.

For more information, visit etssponsorship.com