Thank you to our employees for dedication to civil service. This week, we feature a few Department of Emergency Services personnel working on the front lines during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Robert Blas

Fort Belvoir Police Lead Patrolman

What do you see most

essential about being a police officer on Belvoir?

During the pandemic, the responsibilities of a police officer are the same – enforcing the laws and serving the public – but with the added responsibility of enforcing social distancing and keeping the citizens from gathering, which is against what military life is about. Most of the residents here find family away from family.  

Especially now, we have to be more empathetic and understanding during these challenging times, but have to continue to promote public health and safety.

Marvin Johnson

Army security guard lieutenant

What do you appreciate the most about the job that you do for Belvoir?

Being creative. Situations change in an instant, especially when you are conducting gate operations. Being observant and flexible helps me create a workable solution for obstacles that require quick solutions. 

Lindsay Kauten

Lead Dispatcher

What do you appreciate the most about the job you do? 

The job is rewarding, providing critical services to the community. You come into work each day and it is going to be something different. I have been dispatching for 15 years and some good calls have been assisting in bringing life into this world, or convincing bystanders to do CPR to save someone’s life, and some bad calls have been where I have had to talk people down from trying to harm themselves, or others. 

Each time, I have left work feeling proud to be doing this line of work.

Gustavo Leite

Fort Belvoir fire lieutenant

What do you see as most essential about working as a fire lieutenant on Fort Belvoir? 

We are the diplomats in dealing with the public.

It’s important to communicate what to do. 

Keithley Watts

Physical security

What do you appreciate most about the job?

I appreciate feeling I have helped organizations properly secure their classified equipment and continually learn what physical security has to offer.