The U.S. Army Audit Agency on Fort Belvoir coordinated and hosted a kickoff event for the Combined Federal Campaign, last week, with testimonials from beneficiaries; food trucks and a sense of community. CFC is a workplace-based, charitable giving program that benefits thousands of charities each year. 

Ira Smallwood, an audit manager with USAAA, is the agency’s CFC coordinator, after serving as the CFC loan executive last year, and coordinated Belvoir’s opening event. 

“The kickoff created CFC awareness, generated enthusiasm and helped federal workers connect with their favorite charitable causes,” Smallwood said after the event. CFC’s theme again this year is “Show Some Love,” encouraging donors to support causes they are passionate about. 

Anne Richards, auditor general, provided opening remarks, shared her causes and explained how eradicating hunger became her core cause. Monique Ferrell, principal deputy auditor general, conveyed her causes and shared why Soldiers are the heart of hers. 

Representatives from the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, TAPS; and Air Compassion for Veterans explained how donations make a difference to their charity. 

“I like donating through CFC because I know the charities have been vetted by OPM,” Smallwood said. “I wanted to bring a ‘joint’ feeling to the event and welcome all. When we pool together as a group, it lets the charities know we’re behind them and their support for the community, as a whole.” 

“The opening was a perfect day and a great way to increase awareness about CFC and get potential donors together,” he said, adding that the smell from the food trucks’ offerings were an added draw to the event. 

“Maybe because of the workforce aging and a new, younger group of employees coming in, it seems fewer employees are aware of CFC. Events like this increase awareness,” Smallwood said. 

“CFC is important because the charities support so many worthy causes, right in our communities,” he said. “It’s important to donate through CFC, because it allows me to donate in my community. And, I know my donations make a difference, no matter the size.” 

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