Belvoir Hospital Sleep Center Receives National Certification

Fort Belvoir Community Hospital personnel received notification from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that they achieved formal accreditation for all types of sleep testing, including polysomnography; multiple, sleep-latency testing; maintaining wakefulness testing; and home, sleep-apnea testing.

The certification means Belvoir Hospital Sleep Medicine Center meets all standards for professional healthcare designated by AASM. The Belvoir clinic is the second military treatment facility in the National Capital Region to earn the accreditation, after Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Although accreditation is essential for all fields of medical service, it is especially important in sleep-disorders medicine, due to the significant increase in the number of Service members and retirees who have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder over the past 1-2 decades.

It is reported that 48.6% of military personnel are poor sleepers, 11% of Soldiers carry a sleep-disorder diagnosis, and one study revealed an overall insomnia prevalence of 19.9%. Sleep apnea and insomnia are the two most common sleep disorders in military personnel.

The availability of high-quality sleep care is critical to reduce the burden of disease, and improve overall readiness and military operations.