Each year, many of us look forward to that time of year known as Spring Break.

For many, it’s when we emerge from our wintering shelters and engage in the annual ritual of spring cleaning.

 Follow these simple tips to keep this annual ritual safe for everyone.

Fire Safety

 •Check your house for any stored papers or any other combustible materials you don't need

•Make sure you clean your barbecue and check for leaks, breaks and other 

wear and tear

•Wear protective clothing. Sturdy shoes protect your feet if you drop something or step on something sharp. Wear gloves to protect your hands from minor injuries and remember hearing and eye protection.

•Beware of electrical hazards. Keep moisture away from electrical appliances and outlets. Don't spray cleaning products directly onto light switches or the fuse panel area of an electrical stove. Always watch out for overhead electrical hazards.

Household Chemicals

•Many household chemicals and paints can present hazards to you and your family, particularly children. Get rid of old household chemicals and paints. Know your community’s disposal rules and dispose of them properly

•Never leave children unsupervised when paints and chemicals are in use

•Read the instructions carefully and make sure you adhere to them. Pay particular attention to flammability cautions and ventilation requirements.