Military spouses routinely find themselves applying for jobs every few years as they move around from duty station to duty station. I want to share this technique with the milspouse world to help others continue their career endeavors wherever they go, in an easy-to-follow format, so you can learn to effectively communicate and get that golden ticket — the interview.The formulaYou need to communicate effectively and fill your resume with numbers and impact with this simple resume equation: Action word (AW) + Quantifiable action (QA) = Impact/Result (IR), or AW + QA = IR.Let me illustrate this for you. Which sounds better?Example A) “Led major event for community outreach at XYZ Company.”B) “Spearheaded team of 10 people for major event resulting in 1,000 attendees and increased public awareness of XYZ Company’s community outreach initiatives.”If you said “B” sounds better then you are already on your way to a more effective resume. The bullet points for the “B” examples demonstrate the AW + QA = IR resume equation.

How can I make my resume look like this? The QA part of your bullet consists of two parts, the “what,” and “how many.” To figure out the “what,” ask yourself these types of questions:What events did I help with; What projects did I create or help with; What trainings did I conduct; etc.?Once you’ve outlined “what,” it’s time to figure out the “how many,” portion of the QA. To figure out the “how many,” ask yourself these style of questions:How many people were there; How many people did you lead or supervise; How many places did you coordinate with; etc.?

Putting action to your wordsOnce you have the “what and how many,” put them together to form your QA.For example, let’s say you were a college enrollment advisor at your last job. Your QA may look something like this:(What) Enrolled students into college(How Many) 500(QA) Enrolled 500 students into college level programsNext, to get your action word (AW), you need to think about your role as it pertains to the QA. Did you create or improve something? Then use words such as “Developed, Initiated, or Modified.” Did you manage a project or people? Then use words such as “Presided, Chaired, or Led.” Expanding on the previous example of enrolling students, this person helped a bunch of students get into college right? So, a good action word (AW), for this quantifiable action (QA), would be “facilitated.” Now we have two of the three parts to the resume equation.(AW) Facilitated + (QA) enrollment of 500 students into college level programs.

Results matterNext comes the final piece to the resume equation, the impact/result (IR).The impact/result is the culmination of your achievement FOR the company. No matter how small the task, there is always an impact. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:Did you save them money? Make them more money? Get them more customers? Contribute to an award they received? Were you instrumental in building better relationships in the community?To close out our enrollment advisor example, let’s say that the enrollment advisor did such a great job preparing his/her students to start class that 90% ending up starting their first class, on time. If the industry standard is only 70% start on-time, then that person has exceeded the standard. In academia, on-time student start rates translates into dollars for the university, and a 90% on-time start rate would mean big things to a hiring manager.

Putting it all togetherThe final bullet would look something like this:Facilitated enrollment of 500 students into college level programs with a 90% on-time start rate.(AW) Facilitated(QA) Enrollment of 500 students into college level programs(IR) 90% on-time start rateThis process of updating your resume to the resume equation format will take time and effort. Analyzing and concisely communicating past accomplishments requires critical thinking, excellent wordsmithery, and patience. Don’t expect to get this done in an hour. This may take you days or weeks, and as you remember past accomplishments you will need to routinely update your resume. Also, if you’re currently employed, take the time to continuously update your resume so it remains current. I recommend giving it a once-over and making necessary updates every six months.Remember, jobs are won with interviews and a resume will get you a ticket to the interview.To read the entire story, go to