In January 2017, the Army Chief Information Officer/G-6 published a policy memorandum entitled Mobile Application Authorization Process for Vetting and Analyzing Mobile Applications. The memo notified users of government-furnished equipment, including common mobile devices like iPhones and Androids, that only apps available through the Department of Defense Mobility Unclassified Capability Mobile Application Store or the TRADOC Applications Gateway are approved for downloading onto government-furnished equipment.

While some commercial apps have been approved to use on government-furnished mobile devices and made available through the above sites, the TikTok app has never been authorized for use on GFE. Also, no efforts are underway to approve TikTok for use. All instances of TikTok on GFE must be removed immediately.

Commercial application vendors can seek approval for their app’s usage by starting the National Information Assurance Partnership evaluation process at any time. Testing is conducted by approved commercial testing labs accredited by both the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the NIAP. The NIAP evaluation process takes about 3-6 months and not all applications will be issued a validation report.

When a validation report is issued, the app may be added to the compliant or approved products list and be made available for download. All mobile apps available on these sites have been vetted and approved by the proper authorities, the Defense Information Systems Agency and the Army Training and Doctrine Command.

Commercial applications available through the Apple Store or Google Play that are not available through the DMUC MAS or TAG are prohibited from being downloaded and utilized on GFE devices.