The Fort Belvoir Golf Course will host a Monday Night Twilight League on Mondays starting April 12th. The first session goes through June 14th. The second session runs July 12 to Sept. 13. The league is sponsored by the Twilight Golf Association.

“It’s a great place to play,” said organizer Nick Conrad of Fort Belvoir’s Golf Course. “It has 36 holes so you can rotate and it’s a fun, and cool course in good shape. They treat it like a country club.”

The rec league is open to all adults at any skill level. Tee times are from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. and foursomes will play 9 holes with teammates each week. Participants keep their own score.

The league entry fee is $49 per person. The greens fees are $25 per player at the counter each week to play with a riding car or $14 if participants elect to walk.

Conrad said they planned on doing the league a year ago, but the pandemic cancelled everything.

Due primarily to schedules, Fritz Diekmann, the PGA Head Golf Professional at the Fort Belvoir Golf Club, said the club usually doesn’t have many leagues. There is currently one meeting on Wednesdays.

In putting the event together, Conrad said he looks forward to seeing how it all works out. “I’m excited to do it,” Conrad said.

Players can register online at www.twilightgolfassociation.com. For more information about the Monday Night Twilight League at the Fort Belvoir Golf Course, call 1-855-565-4653.