Lisa Martin, volunteer; and Sara Martin, USO program specialist, bring out boxes of non-perishable food at the USO Warrior and Family Center, Friday. The Capital Area Food Bank donated the food to enlisted families. 

Though USO’s Warrior and Family Center remains closed for the pandemic, there was steady traffic pulling in for boxes of non-perishable food, Friday. Heidi Miller, Belvoir USO center coordinator, managed to get help from Capital Area Food Bank.

“We have 225 boxes of food donated by the Capital Area Food Bank, and we are handing them out, along with some Girl Scout Cookies and energy drinks. We will be doing this, again, if we have any boxes left over next week,” Miller said.

Due to the pandemic, the food bank has limited its deliveries to focus on seniors and the homeless, but, Miller said they put together the boxes containing cereal; juice boxes; macaroni; apple sauce; canned goods and peanut butter for the Belvoir ;amilies. Unlike the USO’s Supermarket Sweep, this delivery gave priority to active-duty families of E6 and below, and chose the recipients by randomly drawing names from email requests.

“We might get another load at the end of the month,” Miller said, between trips to deposit boxes of food in arriving cars. “We hope to donate food to people who really need it at this time.”