As we gear up for summer and the reopening of our communities, personnel at The Villages at Belvoir have been thinking about how to improve the resident experience.

We are embarking on a community-wide conservation project to save electricity, update older fixtures and generate revenue for other community improvements.

The project will include a 7 percent decrease in electricity consumption; nearly 2 million kilowatt hours of electricity saved each year; and more than $140,000 in savings that can be re-invested.

To accomplish these goals, we will be upgrading to high-performance, LED light bulbs and Next thermostats throughout the villages.

Over the next 4 months, Villages personnel will provide prior notice and enter your home once, for less than a half hour.

Residents don’t need to be present, but pets must be contained and minors can’t be home alone.

The Villages will be working with Modern Power for a seamless installation. Exterior signs will be posted to remind residents of the upgrades. All MP team members will wear orange shirts with black logos, to be easily recognizable. They will also wear masks, gloves and follow CDC guidelines related to Covid-19.

Thank you, in advance, for flexibility to improve the community and a commitment to the environment.