Fort Belvoir Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Division, hosted a small cleanup along the shoreline around the Wildlife Refuge area on Accotink Bay Saturday morning. 

Nearly a dozen volunteers, donning boots and gloves, fanned out to pick up debris that floated down the Potomac River or washed down from Fairfax County.  With nearly 12 miles of shoreline bordering Fort Belvoir, an environmental specialist said it’s an ongoing battle to keep the shore and waters clean for the abundant wildlife that lives on Belvoir.

“We try to do as many cleanups as possible, because there’s always trash that comes down here from storms draining from the county,” said Monica Mundrick, “and everybody seems to like them, so we just try to keep doing them as much as we can.” 

Two volunteers were happy to pitch in. Denee Cremeans, and her 11-year old daughter, Rebecca, sporting a white tutu and sparkle boots for the project, are very aware of reducing waste in their lives and cleaning up others’ litter. 

“We monitor how much plastic we use, and I’m showing her the kinds of plastic we find along the shoreline,” said Denee. “It’s been kind of nice, teaching her why we reduce our plastic.” 

Rebecca said it was an enjoyable morning.

“I like cleaning the environment, because it’s just crazy how much trash there is out there, and we found a lot this morning,” said Rebecca.