Fort Belvoir community members get in some midday exercise during a functional fitness training session at Specker Field House. The current six-week functional fitness cycle runs through March 29. 

Fort Belvoir’s MWR is answering the call of community members looking to get into better shape and maintain high fitness levels all year long. 

The functional fitness series is a specialized exercise program, offered in six-week cycles throughout the year, focusing on total-body conditioning through cardio, aerobics and core strength conditioning. There are seven lunchtime sessions on select days for Service members and civilians looking to take a break to stay Army Strong. 

Station Training 

According to Calvin Simpson, lead functional fitness trainer, the workouts allow users to visit numerous “stations,” offering an array of exercises designed to target isolated areas of the body. 

The sessions are free and open to anyone interested in improving cardiovascular fitness and training the body as an integrated unit. 

Training to Fit Your Needs 

Through Dynamic Training, Metabolic Conditioning and Extreme Training, this Army-wide program engages military personnel and civilians in strenuous physical activity during hour-long sessions. For Soldiers, functional fitness works to develop skills to increase operational readiness by emphasizing mobility, strength, restoration and energy-system development. 

Dynamic Training focuses on gymnastics, body weight and functional movement exercises. Metabolic Conditioning involves a very high work rate, with exercises designed to burn more calories and maximize calories burned afterward, or your “after-burn.” Extreme Training focuses on speed, power, quickness and agility. 

Simpson added that the program provides all the tools and guidance to build total-body fitness. However, the results depend on how dedicated and driven a person remains through program. 

“When it comes to the class itself, workouts range from dynamic exercises, metabolic conditioning and extreme conditioning,” he said. “You’re going to get out of the class exactly what you put into it. The class is designed for you to work at your own pace. 

“We get people with all different physical conditions and each is able to get a maximum workout. I encourage individuals to focus on their own goals and not worry about who’s to their left or their right.” 

Simpson said coordinators are expanding the program because of increasingly large turnouts and rededication to fitness across the post. Sessions of 40-50 people are not unusual. 

Advanced Workouts Available 

For those looking for more intensity in their workouts, the Kawamura Human Performance Center on Gunston Road offers advanced workout programs with state-of-the-art machines and expert trainers. Equipment includes power racks, Olympic weight lifting platforms with bumper plates, TRX suspension and rip trainers, kettle bells, dumbbells, battle ropes, prowler sleds, Concept2 rowers and medicine balls. 

Pick Your Workout 

Belvoir MWR also offers a wide selection of cardio and aerobic exercise programs, with classes taking place at various times during the week. For the full schedule of activities, search fitness-facilities. 

The current functional fitness cycle runs through March, but you can join a session anytime. Sessions are Monday-Friday, 6-7 a.m., with lunchtime workouts Tuesday-Thursday, 11:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. 

For information on the functional fitness training program, email Simpson at or search categories/sports-and-fitness.