Fort Belvoir community members and mission-partner personnel got a rare chance to get in an early morning workout with senior Army and garrison leaders, July 30 at Specker Field House, during a Functional Fitness class. 

Nearly 100 installation employees spent an hour working their muscles with Maj. Gen. Omar Jones, the new Joint Force Headquarters/National Capital Region and Military District of Washington commanding general; and Col. Michael Greenberg, Fort Belvoir Garrison commander. 

Functional Fitness Benefits All

The Functional Fitness series is a specialized exercise program, offered in six-week cycles throughout the year, which focuses on total-body conditioning through cardio, aerobics and core strength conditioning. There are lunchtime sessions on select days for Service members and civilians looking to take a midday break from duties and office tasks to stay Army Strong.

Through dynamic training, metabolic conditioning and extreme training, this Army-wide program engages military personnel and civilians in strenuous physical activity during 60-minute sessions. For Soldiers, Functional Fitness focuses on developing skills they can use to increase operational readiness and performance by emphasizing mobility, strength, restoration and energy-system development.

The aim of this special session was to allow garrison employees to train with upper Army leadership and showcase Belvoir’s fitness program.

“It’s great to have everybody out here today,” Jones said. “Particularly for the folks out here in uniform—and everybody—this is the way the Army’s going. Since the early 1980s, the Army did the Army Physical Fitness Test and in the morning we did pushups, sit ups and we ran. 

“The new Combat Fitness Test really is a test the Army wants you to train for. You’ll get better holistic fitness and, for the uniformed folks, the things you’re going to get good at, physically, are the things Soldiers are asked to do in combat,” Jones said. “So, a workout like this is exactly what the Army needs us to do to prevent injuries and get into absolutely fantastic muscular and cardiovascular shape.

“I know this isn’t easy; it requires a lot of hours, a lot of effort and a lot of commitment from each and every one of you. But, Belvoir is known across the Army for its excellence, for being such a great community—it’s a reflection of what you do every day. Your philosophy of taking care of Soldiers—that’s what makes Fort Belvoir so exceptional,” Jones continued.

Greenberg said he hoped more and more of Belvoir’s community members take advantage to the Functional Fitness program to continually build fitness and maintain health.

“I usually come once a week for functional training, and supplemental twice a week, so please come out and join me any time you want,” Greenberg said. 

Belvoir MWR also offers a wide selection of cardio and aerobic exercise programs, with classes at various times during the week. For the full schedule of activities, visit

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