SHARP event promotes teamwork

About 50 Soldiers from the Army Aviation Brigade, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and the Warrior Transition Battalion gathered for some intense competition on Long Parade Field, April 16.

This Ultimate Frisbee tournament had a larger purpose, according to Sgt. 1st Class Theodore Coats, TAAB’s Sexual Assault Response coordinator.

“Our theme this year is working as a team and protecting our mission,” Coats said. “Anytime you have any sort of sexual assault or sexual harassment in the formation, it breaks the team, so I wanted everybody to come out, work together and communicate.”

Don’t drop it

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-moving game where players pass the disc to a fellow offensive player, and the receiver must stop and pass to another team member until the disc is caught in the opponent’s end zone. If a pass is not completed, the defense immediately takes possession.

Particularly suited to SHARP observance is Ultimate Frisbee’s prohibition of physical contact. Any contact constitutes a foul - a reminder of inappropriate touching in sexual harassment and how even though this is a physical sport, you’ve got to stay in your boundaries.

The final game paired the 12th Aviation Battalion officers against U.S. Army Priority Air Transport, Joint Base Andrews. The officers took the match, 7-4.