Nearly 30 of Fort Belvoir’s youth community wrapped up the 2019 Child and Youth Services summer sports camp season, including training in football, cheerleading, basketball, soccer and golf; with a week-long tennis clinic, Aug. 12-16 at the Graves Fitness Center Courts.

The clinic, designed to teach beginning tennis enthusiasts the basics of the game, marked a summer of CYS fun, fitness and education before yet another school season starts.

“The tennis clinic drew a big crowd, this year, and everybody is really energetic about the instruction,” said Alton Greene, clinic head coach and a long-standing veteran of Fort Belvoir’s youth athletics program. “This teaches the basics and fundamentals of the game and the students catch on really quick. Our other instructor today is Zion Williams, a former athlete in Belvoir’s youth sports programs, and now the district champ at Hylton High School in Woodbridge. That’s really exciting to have our former athletes come back and help out. Everyone out here is just so enthusiastic about learning the game.”

The students spent the 90-minute instructional session learning tennis terminology; how to hold the racquet and execute forehand and backhand swings; performing effective serving and returning techniques; developing proper stance, balance and mobility; and building hand-eye coordination. 

Greene and Williams kept the tennis clinic dynamic and engaging while maintaining patience and regard for every participant’s efforts, regardless of their abilities coming into the camp.

The CYS summer camp program is highly popular each season, offering a wide range of recreational and educational activities to Belvoir youth between school years.

For more information on the CYS summer camp program and all things related to Fort Belvoir’s array of youth sports opportunities, call Jerry Arrington, CYS sports and fitness director, 703-805-9139; Julie Libert, CYS sports and fitness assistant director, 703-805-9138; or visit