Fort Belvoir Sonic Boom Track Club athletes took advantage of the rarest of opportunities, Saturday, when they got a chance to challenge their own parents to a variety of distance runs at Pullen Field. 

According to Alton Green, Sonic Boom head coach, the event aimed to provide the boys and girls with a mid-season event where fun was the priority, before the team gets back down to business in major, competitive meets. 

“This is a special event we’re doing this year,” Green said. “These kids have been working so hard all season (indeed, 41 athletes out of the 102 Sonic Boom members qualified for Nationals) and after our mid-season break (during which we don’t have any major tournaments), we wanted to give our kids a chance to have a little fun. So with this ‘Parent Day’ meet, the Sonic Boom members get to challenge their moms and dads to a race.” 

Green added the athletes showed as much enthusiasm for the showdown as they did their meets against some of the largest and most competitive track and field clubs in the region. 

“You wouldn’t believe how excited they are to challenge the grownups,” he said. “Of course, it’s all for fun before we get into the second half of the season with the major national events.” 

Despite high temperatures and stifling humidity, the youth runners and an equal number of parents gave it their absolute all in 100-meter and 200-meter runs, 

and an 800-meter walk. 

For the parents, the challenges proved physically taxing, as well as illuminating. 

“I’m not a sports person,” said Bonnie Harmon, somewhat breathlessly after completing the 100-meter dash with her husband, Bryan, and their three children, Lexi, 12; Andrew, 10; and Keith, 10. “And, this team is very good this year.” 

“This is definitely eye opening,” added Tomish Jones, who ran and walked every event with his daughter, Giuliana, 12. “It reminds me that I’m no longer a youth.” 

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