Some of us rolled our eyes when “resiliency” came into vogue at the Defense Logistics Agency early this year. We expected to hear fluffy advice on how to lead our personal lives and cope with pressures and problems that had nothing to do with our jobs.

As we see the fall colors spotting the landscape here at Fort Belvoir, we also are bringing our annual Suicide Prevention Campaign, observed each September, to a close. The #BeThere campaign theme was all about letting the people in our life know that, no matter what they are going through, …

Memorial Day is a national holiday set aside to honor men and women in uniform who have given their lives in service to our country. As we pay our respects, remember the Army’s greatest assets are our people – Soldiers, civilians, retirees and families. ARMY SAFE – ARMY STRONG reflects our m…

The summer months are a time to be with friends and family, taking the opportunity to relax, travel and enjoy water sports and barbecues. It’s a chance to enjoy a break and recharge for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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As we begin the countdown to Memorial Day and the traditional start of summer, I encourage leaders, Soldiers and Army civilians at all levels to keep safety at the forefront of every activity, both on and off duty. This is historically the deadliest time of year for Army accidents. We must a…

With February being Black History Month and the recent, stirring delivery of President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union speech, I was motivated to further examine the state of the union within the Black American community, more specifically, the state of the leadership within this com…

While picking bits of pumpkin pie from our teeth on the last night of Thanksgiving break, my husband, Francis, and I sat alone in the family room, mulling over the holiday in silence.

Thanksgiving Day is a day for family, friends, and reflecting on our many gifts in life. On this uniquely American holiday, rooted in the founding of our nation, let us celebrate safely with grateful hearts and give thanks for the basic freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

If I asked you where your smoke alarms are in your home, could you tell me? If you’re like many people, you may not pay much attention to where smoke alarms have been installed. However, location matters when it comes to smoke alarms.

This Saturday, July 4, we celebrate our 239th Independence Day, commemorating the anniversary of the founding of our country, and our freedom and independence.

The National Ground Intelligence Center on Rivanna Station near Charlottesville, Va., welcomed its incoming commander and paid tribute to the departing commander at a change of command ceremony in Nicholson Auditorium, Friday.

A public comment period is open until July 6 to seek public comments on a draft permit from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for a facility to manage hazardous waste and two Statements of Basis about proposed remedies for site-wide corrective action, located on the Fort Belvo…

Memorial Day is a time of reflection, a time to remember the sacrifices of those who have come before us and those who have served with us. As members of this great Army, we share a common history with those brave men and women who have fallen for the cause of freedom.

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Thirteen athletes, representing four units assigned to Fort Belvoir, continued the 2015 intramural tennis championship tournament with men’s senior division matches, May 6 at Graves Fitness Center Courts on North Post.

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By 2008, the war we were waging overseas was still strong. The deaths and injuries were coming home every day. Nothing would ever be the same.

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It’s 7:20 in the morning and you have 10 minutes until you’re late for an important meeting. As you enter through Pence Gate, you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’ll make it in the nick of time. That’s when you see it, the yellow school bus with its red safety lights flashing and fo…

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Sexual assaults and retaliation against people who report them undermine the military’s values of honor and trust, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said last week in a message to the DoD workforce.

A couple of feet and a half a second. These may seem like insignificant measurements, but when combined with fatigue, a couple of feet almost cost me my career and that half a second almost ended my life.

Cybercrime is the fastest growing and most dynamic area of crime. Ever-increasing reliance on cyber technology is allowing criminals to operate with virtual impunity across a range of criminal activities and jurisdictions.

The military reaches out to help troubled Service members, and helping people with mental health issues “is what we’ve got to do for every single person in our own lives,” First Lady Michelle Obama told attendees at a conference in Washington, D.C., last week.

As a long-time military spouse, I have held various jobs — and I know many of you can relate. I served as a military and family life counselor at an Airman and Family Readiness Center and had the privilege of working with fellow military families to create budgets, develop debt-payment plans…

As I was reviewing some enlisted performance reports and decorations recently, I started contemplating a huge event in my life that occurred almost 20 years ago.

During a standing-room-only, all-hands gathering in the Pentagon’s auditorium Feb. 19, Defense Secretary Ash Carter enthusiastically greeted those he will lead and discussed his priorities as the 25th secretary.

Ronald Reagan said, "Surround yourself with the best people you can find." As the commander and command sergeant major of U.S. Army Installation Management Command, we found ourselves among outstanding people the day we stepped into our roles.

For military spouses, getting a job is a challenge; getting a job in the career field that inspires is even tougher. Growing your career in the middle of deployments and frequent moves can seem like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, military spouses are known for their resilience and dete…

The link between smoking and cancer is well known, but there’s another major killer associated with smoking that often goes unnoticed – heart disease.

At the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, we understand how science and technology bring the power of American innovation to everything we do. I am proud that RDECOM researchers, engineers and support personnel provide our nation, both at home and abroad, the technology…